Monday, January 13, 2014

I Write the Songs on Monday's Music?

Here I am! *raises hands* Here I am!
Maybe you all think I have massive hangover from partying too much for my birthday yesterday. Or maybe...
Oh, who am I kidding. I am just plain oh, late to the dance floor today.

Truth is, the birthday was VERY quiet and really not much to talk about so...  Thanks though for all the well wishes and birthday greetings. I do appreciate them. Let's move on and dance the day away.OK?  Great!

So, today's theme is Songs in the Key of Your Life. I guess this means those highlighted days in song. How ironic for me huh?

Well, let's see...

I think I will start with the year I graduated from high school which was 1986. I did not really have any friends inside of school too much, but for sure a group of us outside of school.

This is my gang of friends and one of my brothers. Circa 1989/1990

Unknown to many people, I liked to party, not as much as my brothers but I did. I think this song fits. (Disclaimer: I was NOT like the song says though. I had my standards.)

Moving on...
In 1987 & in 1989...the two greatest gifts I ever received were born to me. My daughter and son. They are for sure a key to my life that I am ever so grateful for. They changed my life and its direction forever.
This song reminds me of them. It also happens to be my daughter's favorite song.

My kids with their kids.

In 2008, I met the love of my life. You all know him as Chronicles From the Man Cave. I know him as Mark or sometimes I refer to him as Tamirisc. It was a whirlwind of a romance that is now 5 years strong.
I of course need to include "our song" here.

In 2010 & 2012 two more precious ones entered my life. My grandbabies, Bella & Parker. I never would have thought I would be a Grandma so young. The are a beauty in my life that is indescribable.
This song, goes well for them.

I suppose I want to round this song medley key of life with this one. Life is precious and here we are in 2014 ready to rock a new day. Enjoy every minute of it and keep on movin'!


stevebethere said...

I hope you had a very Happy Birthday and didn't do anything I would :-)

Well makes a change to see Joe Cocker on a MM
leaves blog gyrating to Could It Be Magic ;-)

Laura S Reading said...

What a beautiful, beautiful post.
You are indeed my highlight on this blog hop.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear your birthday was good!
Ha - I haven't heard that Eddie Murphy song in forever. It could have applied to me once upon a time too! You have a great selection of beautiful and varied songs -- just like life should be beautiful and full of variety! :)

Catch My Words said...

It must be great to have kids with kids. We're at that inbetween stage--adult kids, no grandkids, yet. I love the Joe Cocker song.

XmasDolly said...

Happy Birthday one last time did you get something in the mail? hmmmm yes my leg and back is acting up so short and sweet... LADY YOU ROCK! GREAT CHOICES!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed this post and i cannot believe I have never heard that song by Eddie Murphy. I dont believe it ever made it to this continent.

Colette S said...

Gosh what a beautiful post. I love and enjoy all these songs!

And Happy Belated Birthday! ;)