Friday, January 3, 2014

Stuff on Friday

First Friday of January and everyone out in Cyberland seems to be kicking it high gear. It seems there is snow in some parts and other parts where there should be here...does not have.
Oh, you aren't hearing me complaining about it. However, I am sure some of my snow-loving, ski-bunny friends are not happy. Sorry about that!

Moving on.

I guess by now, unless you live with your head stuck in the sand, you know that as of January 1st my beloved state has now gone on a pot binge. Yes, I know all of the jokes and yes, they are getting old but that is ok, we can handle it.

For the record, I do not smoke pot. Never have. Just something interesting to talk about. Who can afford those prices. Really? Read the article.
If I was truly smart, I would open a quickie mart next door to a dispensary.

Next subject.

I had the weirdest day yesterday (Jan 2nd). Although since, I am pre-posting this, I guess that would make today. Anyway, weirdness. First, I woke up quite abruptly to men talking in my apartment. Tamirisc was not home. Scared me. Seriously scared me! I was saying, "hello, hello?" Of course not being able to hear well, I did not hear their response. Stupid me finally got up out of bed to see who had invaded my apartment. STUPID!
Who knows who it could have been. Fortunately, it was the maintenance men coming to do something in the apartment that I had to ask them twice what they were doing. After all, they were there unannounced (or so I thought) and I had just awakened. Yeah, I was all beauty to behold. ugh!

Later in the evening, Tamirisc had gone to bed early. I am up working away here...ok, I was Facebooking for a time but I digress...when there was a knock on my apartment door. We are talking 8PM people!
I open the door and there are three police officers looking at me. They said they had a report that there was yelling reported coming from our apartment. What? He repeated himself again. I told him not from this apartment. Was the cat having a party I did not know about while I was working?
He asked me if I was ok and I am still looking at him like he has four heads and replied, "yeah.". CRAZY!

As if that is not enough, I have developed a not so nice cold. I am coughing *hack* *hack* my head off and feel like my lungs are going to come out of my chest. I feel like I might have the flu which will really tick me off considering I had a flu shot.

Finally, can you help me fulfill one of the things off of my 52 list for 2014? If so, drop me a comment (please do that anyway) with your email and I will send you my snail mail address.

Peace and all that,
Naila Moon

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XmasDolly said...

You would not believe how cold it is outside and snow on top of snow on top of ice! It's horrible and I'm freezing. I have two sweatshirts on, and if I ever find an Illinois postcard I'll send it to you, but for now you'll have to wait until I decide to venture outside brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Hmmm I might have an Ohio one I never used. I'll look around.

Unknown said...

I have had this bothersome cough for the entire month of Decemeber, and now I am starting the New Year with it still hanging on. So, it will likely be to the Dr's next week when the kids return to school. I basically have no voice right now. Good thing I blog and not do radio! ha
I would have freaked out completely to hear voices in my home. OMGosh. I hate it when door to door sales come knocking during the day and my husband isn't home. I don't let them in. I don't care how offended they are, or paranoid people call me. sorry. actually, not.