Friday, October 15, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 13, 14 & 15

Well, I got a little behind in this blog challenge so I have to catch up. Please bare with me. :)

Day 13: A Guilty Pleasure
Hmm...well, I have to say that I really enjoy Pepsi. I truly think it is the elixir of the gods.

I can't say though that it makes me feel guilty drinking it. I do have a love/hate relationship with it though. Do not believe me? Go here---> Killer Files
I suppose it would be my hubby that gives me the most guilt when it comes to Pepsi. He gives me the "Mom" look. You know that look, don't you?

On to Day 14-A vacation you would like to take 

This one is quite easy and one Tamirisc and I are planning to take next year. (crosses fingers) Hawaii is only one of two states I have never been to. He has an aunt who lives there and would show us around. Oh, I hope to go!

See that spot right there, that is where I want to sit!!!
I so want to see an active volcano and take pics of it! (this is a travel pic)

Day 15 — A person you admire 

There are actually a few people I admire (in no particular order):

Gandhi believed in non-violence and resolving things peacefully.

Mother Teresa one of the most peaceful and loving persons of our times. She took care and loved the poor of India and around the world. Every person she met was seen as a person not from what they were afflicted by.

Princess Diana, although royalty, she worked to clear land mines and worked for peacefulness. She was a princess of the people, was a loving Mother and had a good heart.

Martin Luther King worked for  equality and justice for all people no matter their color. He too worked for peacefulness among all people. 

Can you see a piece of me in the people I admire? Can you also see that they all died untimely deaths?

The last person I admire is my husband. I admire his courage to change, courage to move forward even when he might be scared to do so. I admire him for taking on such a big responsibility when he married me. I am forever grateful.

Photo of Tamirisc in Jan. 2010

There you have it. I am all caught up now! hee hee
Peace...Naila Moon

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  1. Not sure what this is all about, but sure is some interesting things you have here. Love the pic with Princess Diane. Thanks for stopping by today. Already following you. I also have a new meme, "Monday's Music Moves Me" hope you stop by and check it out and maybe even play along. It's tons of fun! Have a great weekend.


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