Sunday, October 17, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 16 &17

Well, here is another two days of blogging for the challenge. Hope I can get back on track tomorrow.
Let see now where are we?

Day 16- This day is supposed to be a song that makes you cry.  I thought and thought about this one and it is hard to narrow one down. Seriously, there are songs that move me at different times but to nail one down is hard to do. So, I think I will just go with a song that moves me.  This song by Whitney Houston does just that.

On to day 17- Art piece
Today I would like to share with you some art that I do. I love to paint rocks. Yep, rocks. I started doing that several years ago when I was laid up in bed from a major surgery.  Since I moved to Condo Lane I have painted many rocks. Here are just a couple of the ones I have done.

Me creating in 2009-photo credit Tamirisc

A nativity scene I made for a gift for a friend in 2009

My homage to the summer solstice in 2010
 Hope you enjoyed my post today. Until tomorrow, peace...
Naila Moon 

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