Thursday, October 7, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 7...5 things you could just not possibly live without

Here it is day 7 of the October blog challenge and I am asked what 5 things could you not possibly live without. My mind immediately goes in a certain direction but are people things? Assuming that people will be put in this category for today, here are my picks.

1. My husband Tamirisc. He is my rock, my confident and lover. At this point in my life I would be totally lost without him.

2. My children first and foremost. They are crazy, fun loving and most of the time make me laugh. After them would be my daughter-in-law, my grand-daughter, parents, siblings and extended family.  (I suppose I coudl have said family but I really needed to qualify.)

3.  I really could not do without my spiritual relationships. There has been times I probably would have died without that.

4.  My friends. Here is my close friend Jean but I have other close friends, Stephen, Trish, Storme, Debra, Kelly. Each of these friends has enriched my life in one way or the other.  There are others but just not as close. (I do want to include on line friends as well because they too have been inspiration or a source of encouragement.)

5. I do not know what I would do without the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe and the life giving stuff that I am privy to everyday.

I am blessed by so many people and things.

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. Hmmm, no photos this time?

    I don't know what to say, which is saying something.


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