Thursday, October 28, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 28..A scar and the story

So today's blog challenge is day 28 and it is a scar I have and its story.
 So obviously this is not it and only a joke.

No, actually I do have a couple few scars. I have one from when I had my babies and a couple from surgeries.  However, the one I want to share about is the one down my left leg.

When I was quite a bit younger around 8 to 10ish, I was playing outside as I did a lot.  My parents had a BBQ pit that they had permanently anchored in to the ground and often did bar-b-que  during the summers.

This particular year as I was playing, I inadvertently got my left leg up against the pit and burned my entire upper part of my leg. It left a nasty scar that I had for years.  As time went on it faded but would still appear in summers when I got tanned.

The irony is when I was 16 I burnt the same leg on my knee with hot coffee. Yet another scar. Go figure.

Peace~Naila Moon

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