Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 18 & 19

Day 18 of the October blog challenge-A time when I felt passionate and alive. 
As I mentioned before Tamirisc and I married in 2008. This was the first time in  many years I had truly felt passionate and alive. There were other moments over the years that I felt passionate about something but maybe not as alive. Meeting him, falling for him and subsequently marrying him brought an aliveness that was almost dead.
Due to this one event, my life has renewed passion for the things I love.
Day 19- A talent of mine
Well, I actually have a few talents.
I sing (although, I have not been taped) 

I can paint although, I suppose I really do not consider that a talent.

I write short stories and poetry.

 I also have a talent in photography. I have been doing this since before I was 12 years old.

~Naila Moon

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