Sunday, October 31, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 30 & 31...the end!

Tamirisc and I on the way to the Ball

Here it is the end of the blog challenge and I made it! Whoot whoot! You learned a little about me as the days went on and it was all good! *grins* So here is the last two days of the challenge. Day 30 is actually not part of the 30 day challenge. I made it up! After all, there are 31 days in October...right?

Day 30-A motto or philosophy

I suppose the only motto I have ever lived by is to be good to the people you meet, attempt to see the best in people, live long, enjoy life and prosper. Or in the words of Spock (this is for my hubby ya know) "Live Long and Prosper. *snickers*

Day 31-Happy Halloween! If you could wear any costume in the world for Halloween what would it be.
Well, as I am over 40 now, I have worn many but I suppose I would love to wear something of the Medieval times as the dresses were long,flowing and often beautiful (at least for the rich). Oh and I would have to have a beautiful tiara because well, that is just me! lol

Bing Images (not my photo)

For real, I would love to wear the most beautiful wedding gown ever. I know that may seem like a crazy thing to say but I have never worn one...ever! Oh and of course that tiara! LOL

Enjoy the day, be good to each other and peace...Naila Moon

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