Sunday, October 3, 2010

October blog challenge-Day 3...favorite book

Hello fellow Bloggers. Today is day 3 of the October blog challenge and today's entry is supposed to be a favorite book.

I really have to think about this one because I never have really had one favorite book.  I have always liked to read and did read many books from the time I could read. 

One of the books I thought about almost immediately was Daddy Long Legs. This book I had as a young child and coveted. I wish I had it to this day. It was about an orphan girl who has an anonymous donor who sends her to college. In return she writes him letters about her studies.

A children's book that I like right now is called, The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs. This story is told from the wolf's point of view. It is humourous and a classic twist on the well known fable.

A more adult book I read not long ago and really like is called The Wednesday Letters. This book captures the heart of love, family and secrets within.

Reading is something I enjoy doing and everyone should read everyday or at least as often as they can.

Peace...Naila Moon


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  1. my favorite childhood book is Enid Blyton Adventures series (Indonesian language). And when I was a teenager I read Harlequin books collection (English language).


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