Friday, February 8, 2013

Featured Faces/Anything Goes Friday

Hello folks! *waving*

I have had a really frustrating day today and it is later evening here so, my post will be short.

However, I wanted to get in who I am featuring this week and link up to my blogger bud, Stacey for "Anything goes/Aloha". For the rest of you that I usually link up with on Fridays, please forgive me for this week. Ok?

Featured Faces

This week I am again featuring two of my followers. Please stop by their blogs, tell them I sent you and say hello. Follow them if you so desire.

Leigh Covington

January Asia of Cupcakes for Party


Anything Goes/Aloha Friday
This is the hop where we just ask a question to Bloggerville for an answer. Nothing major that requires a large dissertation. Relax, it's Friday!

My question: If there is one thing in your life that you had a chance to do over, what would it be and why?

My answer:
The only thing I can really think of it my marriages. I would not have married the first time at all. With Tamirisc, I would of course marry him again (I love you honey), I would have just married with all my family and had the larger wedding that I have always wanted. The whole white dress and everything.

~Peace and love,
Naila Moon

***Make sure you come by tomorrow for Saturday Snaps and Sunday for Sunday Vlog. That is going to be a good one and you do not want to miss!***


  1. WOW! This totally made my day! Thank you so much for letting me be one of your featured faces!

    As for the question... I think I have too many answers for this. Some are just little things, like not saying something stupid without thinking, while other land on a larger scale of relationships. But life is still good, so that's okay. :)

    Love the hearts falling on your blog. So cute!

    1. Congrats again and thanks for following.


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