Saturday, February 16, 2013

Saturday Snaps Week 7...Feb. 16th

Hello all,

Welcome back to another Saturday Snaps. Link up your photo(s) of the week and one of them may just be featured on my blog all week long. 

Just think of the exposure! *chuckles* Did you get the joke? ok...moving on!

Check out my photos of the week and don't forget to go say hello to my blogger bud, Xmas Dolly either! Then at the end, you will see who was featured this week. Oh the excitement!

Feb. 9th-chicken dinner with green beans
Feb. 10th-the card and cookie I bought Tamirisc
Feb. 11th-all the stuff that came in the mail as a surprise 
Feb.12th-grocery shopping in the yogurt aisle
Feb. 13th-sunshine in Aurora
Feb. 14th-my surprise for Tamirisc-painting I did for him
Feb. 15th- a little dolly that I found at a thrift store

Tamirisc-7 of 52 He looks slightly cold.
Me-7 of 52

This week once again the photographer that is featured is....
Wayne from Touristic.  I took only one of the four he presented for the week. Don't you want to just sit in those chairs? 

Make sure you go by and congratulate him.

Now, it is your turn! Link up below and show us what is in your camera this week. Please only link url to the actual page.
Note: you do not have to be professional to show off your photos. We want to see them!
~Naila Moon

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  1. Oh yeah, I would love to sit in those chairs, and it looks like the start of a nice warm summer day! WHERE'S SPRING???? I'M SO READY FOR IT!


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