Friday, February 8, 2013

Saturday Snaps wk 6...Feb. 9, 2013


Hi ya all, welcome back to Saturday Snaps.

Have you been click, click, clicking away for fun photos of your loved ones or favorites places or things? I hope so or Saturday Snaps just would not exist. *smiles*

First check out my photos of the week and make sure you link up with your photo(s) so I can see what you have seen this week.

Also, don't forget, I feature one photo every week so if you play along, you could be featured. Make sure to go by and visit the winner and tell them congrats too.

So, on to it...

Feb. 2nd-eat your veggies

Feb 3rd-Any guess what this is?

Feb. 4th-chicken vegetable soup cooking

Feb.5th-my painting from the angel series "Angel of Summer"

Feb. 6th-stuff I got in the mail

Feb.7th-my painting from the angel series "Angel of Diversity"

Feb.8th-looking pretty

Tamirisc 6 of 52-No, he is not drunk either.

Me 6 of 52

Now for the winner of last weeks link up:

Xmas Dolly's crocheted U.S. Flag

***Make sure you come back tomorrow for Sunday Vloggin. It is going to be a fun one!***

~Peace, love and photographs,
Naila Moon

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  1. HEY DATS ME!!!! hehehehe Thanks! That was the blanket/pillow set I did during 9/11 - I think that should be duly noted. NEVER FORGET. I know I surely WON'T! To be alive at such a time! Our children's children will never know & their children. It will all be in history books by then. HAPPY SATURDAY. Sorry I'm late with my post. Just finishing up now. Have a great weekend.


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