Friday, February 1, 2013

Saturday Snaps week 5 (Linky) ... 2/2/2013


Hello my lovely Bloggers. It is time for Saturday Snaps again and of course I have such great goodies for you. I also have the latest person to be featured on my blog this week so stayed tuned.

This week I have just put all my photos of the week in to a nice little package so you can see them at once.

Day 27-The trip to the library.

Day 28-My Grandma's Heart necklace I inherited.

Day 29-First day of snow for 2013.

Day 30-Some of the books I am reading.

Day 31-Our shower curtain boggles the mind.

Day 31 (Feb. 1st)-Does this include if you are walking like we were?

Mark week 5 of 52-typical of him.

Me week 5 of 52 (Why do I look like a terrorist? Good grief!)

So have you been waiting with bated breathe to see who has been picked this week?

The winner and featured Saturday Snap this week is... Touristic!
I hope you do not mind that I cropped this one photo out of all the ones you had?  You said on your blog that you liked the pelicans and I thought they were awesome too.

If you want to see all the photos he submitted, click on the caption and it will take you right there.

Photo by Touristic

Congrats Touristic! You have bragging rights all week long.

Note:Please make sure when you are linking up that you only put the url in for the photo(s) and not your entire blog. I do not want to have to go searching.  Also make sure it is a photo you took this PAST week. One you took 4 years ago does not count.

Link up for next week too. Thanks.

Peace and love,
Naila Moon


  1. Very cool pic and congrats to Wayne... don't have too much time today, but I'm going to try get a little something out to everyone. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. What neat pictures you've captured this week! I love your collage you put together with all the different pictures :)

    I also LOVE that pictures of you; you may look like a terrorist, but your a COLORFUL terrorist. LOL

    Congratulations to this week's featured person!


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