Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Three Lost Kids and Cupid's review

Today I am excited to share another book with you from author Kimberly Kinrade.
Her chapter book, The Three Lost Kids & Cupid's Capture, is out of a collection of chapter books based on three young sisters, Lexie, Maddie and Bella and their dog Tay-Tay.

Lexie, an extremely smart 1st grader, is very grumpy and having one very bad Valentine's Day. She does not feel she is good enough for anything because she is so small . She thinks even her hearts are all wrong.

What makes things worse is everyone else in her class also seems to be in a bad mood too. She cannot even get along with her best friend, Abigail.

Upon finding her older sisters on the playground, she consults her "Magic Mirror of Ice" to see what is going on.  It is only then revealed that the three girls have special magical powers that do not work on full power in the world they are in but in the alternate worlds.

The mirror pulls the three and their dog into the world of Heartland which they had never visited before. This world is full of beautiful hearts  including the trees and the clouds and loveliness all around. This is also home of Cupid whom they meet purely by accident in a twist of fate. Cupid informs them that Heartland is being under attack by a terrible monster who ends up capturing Cupid.

The girls embark on a trek that takes them through specific stages, including facing the monster,  in which they must overcome in order to save Heartland and free Cupid. Only working together will they be able to do what seems an impossible task.

Can it be done? Will the girl's save Heartland  from this evil monster? Will Lexie learn to love herself for who she is?

This book is aimed at 6-9 year old girls in particular although, I think young boys would like this book too.

I think 6-9 year old kids will be able to identify with Lexie who has to come to understand herself and love herself. This is a tough stage and kids this age often do feel inadequate as they are trying to feel their way through the world. The character Lexie is no different.

I love this book on so many levels. The dream world fantasy of the book had me hooked from the first few lines but the strength the characters eventually found is what I found to be truly great. Besides, I have always wanted to meet Cupid and have a conversation with her. Haven't you?

As I have read none of the other books in the series, I am now intrigued and want to read them all. In addition, I am likely to purchase the set and save them for my Granddaughter when she gets just a bit older. She will certainly relate to the character Bella but I am certain she will also find her own magic within the pages.

This book gets a two thumbs way up from me.

~Naila Moon

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this e-book from the author in exchange for my honest and open opinion.

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  1. It sounds too cute! My granddaughter who's six would probably love it. She's really starting to get into books too!


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