Monday, February 18, 2013

Tuesday's Topics...Letters

Hello my favorite blog peeps.  How are you today?

Welcome to another discussion of Tuesday's Topics. This week I want to talk all about letters.

No, not the ABC's.  I am talking about real handwritten letters.

Do you remember those?

I remember writing friends that I had met at Summer camp and pen pals too.  I had a few pen pals actually not too long ago.  I should write them again.

Anyway, the art of letter writing is almost completely a thing of the past with e-mail, texting, Facebook etc. etc.  However, some people just won't completely let it go (like me) and some people are bringing it back in style.

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Case in point...

This past Sunday I came across an article about the winner of the kindness award. (Who knew there was an award?)  Upon clicking on the article I found a gal by the name of  Hannah Brencher.

Hannah was feeling very lonely in New York City and was literally on the subway when she realized others might be lonely too and in need of encouragement.

Right then she wrote her very first, what she calls love letters, to a stranger. She then dropped it off somewhere for someone else to find.  Before she knew it, she had written 400 love letters to strangers and 'delivered' them all over New York. Of course she blogged about it.

What began with 400 became thousands with the help of some friends and bloggers.  Hannah and her volunteer crew mail out bundles of love letters every month to people who have requested to have letters sent to another, not to mention the ones that still get stuck here and there.  How cool is that?

If you think someone could use a pick-me-up, you can go over to the site and submit a name. Believe me, the recipient will get letters! Don't you wished you received something besides junk in the mail?

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So, where does this leave me?

I have decided after reading this great article, that I am going to leave random letters in places around this area.  I hope my letters will bring hope or encouragement to someone that finds them.

Next, I am going to find the addresses of the pen pals I had (which numbered 4) and write them letters.

I might join the crew at "More Love Letters" and send through their PO box but I am going to do the above first.

I encourage you to follow suit. Who knows who might pick up your letter. It may be just the words that person needs that day.

Tell me in comments. Who would you send a letter to? What do you think about today's topic?

Peace and love,
~Naila Moon


  1. I do miss letter-writing. I still email a few old friends but it isn't the same as putting pen to paper, which is much more organic.

  2. I was never into letter writing too much, but I will send a card from time to time. There's always so much to do, and now with trying to heal thyself as they say that's what I'm working on because it seems no one else wants too! Thanks for getting my mind off of... well just thanks. Have a good night.


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