Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tuesdays Topics...Kindness

Welcome back to a early afternoon of Tuesdays Topics.  Today's topic is about kindness.

I try to catch the Ellen DeGeneres show when I can.  I am not consistent but I do like her show.
This week she is asking all of her viewers to show kindness this week everyday. Now, I know she truly wants people to be kind everyday of the year not just during this week.

Yesterday, I received in the mail an act of kindness.
I received a fairly big box of all sorts of goodies from someone I know. (Well, truth is, I only know her through the net but "know" her none-the-less.) She sent me a box with stuff I like, stuff I need too, and just stuff she wanted to send me. Oh the joy!

                      “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” ~Plato

The fact is, she found it in her heart to do an act of selfless kindness.

It is not hard to be kind, really, it isn't!  All it takes is a moment, even if it means two seconds of your time.

There are many different ways to be kind.  I can come up with ways on my own but I thought of Google-ing a few. Click on each one to read what you could do.

25 ways
32 ways
52 Ways
100 Ways

To be kind should really be a daily thing. To be kind you must be mindful to be kind.
It should be so ingrained in us that it becomes who we are not what we do.

What is one way you could be kind this week? Tell me in comments.

~Peace and love,
Naila Moon


  1. I am going to to be kind to my husband. He is on vacation and I have been blogging almost around the clock.

    Wednesday night at midnight a Happy Valentine's Day post will go up and I am taking Thursday and Friday off to be with him.

    We are going out together bird hunting and photo hunting. He use to do photography all the time too and really enjoys it!

    I also always always try my best to smile and speak to everyone! A smile and how are you?...goes a long way...especially to elderly people!

    Great post! ♥

    1. Good for you.
      I would love to see some of his photos.

  2. One way I can be kind this week is to not kill the members that are left in the band! But it's awfully hard. The drummer quit & Dave fired the bass player & then the mudslinging started!

    1. Please do not do that because I am broke and have no money to bail you all out. :)


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