Monday, February 25, 2013

Mondays Music...Feb, 25, 2013

Wow, here it is the last Monday of February. Time has flown!
Of course it being Monday, that means Mondays Music Moves Me with the train crew hosted by Xmas Dolly. She gets tons of help from Callie, Stacy and Cathy and honorary co-host Becca.

This week we have a theme and that is songs that bring back a good memory and for grins, tell why.  This should be interesting!

First up:  Although I am quite aware this is a Christmas song, it also one of my favorites. My parents had an album that had this song on it. Every year my brothers and I would play all the Christmas albums but this was a favorite that got played over and over.

A typical  family Christmas photo-craziness!

This song reminds me of all our wonderful Christmases together as a family. In 2010 was the last time that we would ever have a Christmas as I always knew them.

Next: This one is an odd one because it is for a game show. I know, crazy right? Here me out.
For as long as I could remember my Grandma loved to watch Wheel of Fortune (she never missed it). My Mother and I often sat down and watched it with her.

When I had my children and they were very young, we would watch it in the evening together. We watched it so much that my children actually learned their letters and how to spell in some ways.

photos source
Tamirisc and I watch it every evening at home to this day.
Again, it is a beautiful memory of family and as Wheel of Fortune is 30 years old, I have grown up with it my entire life.

Listen to the 7 theme songs (if you can believe it).
Note: This is long so just listen to a couple.

Lastly: This song is one I have posted before but it has such special meaning to me.
When I first met Tamirisc for the first time on Labor Day weekend in 2008, we were having dinner at his (then) place. We were listening to a variety of music over dinner when this song came on. He looked at me and I at him and we both said at the same time, "this is our song".

This is us on that long weekend in 2008.

I never had an "our song" in my entire life. It was a beautiful and romantic moment.
Four months later, we would play it for our wedding day.

~Naila Moon

*Make sure to come back tomorrow for Tuesdays Topics. You never know what I am talking about.
~Naila Moon


  1. Ahh, yes Barry Manilow. He was a fave of mine in the 70s and this song is really beautiful. What a great song you can called yours! Thanks for dancing with us on Monday's Music Moves Me, my friend!

  2. I like Wheel of Fortune from forever ago when the contestants went shopping on that big rotating room of prizes. That was the best!

  3. Your comments box kept disappearing on me! :) I love your choices but especially the memories behind them. :) We like to watch Wheel of Fortune here, too - it's been awhile, I think we need to start again! :) Have a great week, Naila! :)

    Livin’ On A Prayer because Girls Just Want To Have Fun You Oughta Know, with a Hand In My Pocket see the Evolution of Dance

  4. Naila, these are wonderful songs! I was thinking of posting one of the Ray Conniff singers because these were songs that I used to listen to while vacation with my grandparents. I loved listening to their album at Christmas. It was my favorite one to play. BYW: I just love your St. Patrick's Day Theme!

  5. Hahaha What I would complain about Christmas music??? hahahahaha Love it & totally love the family photo! What fun! So let's see what else you have where do you find these musical pics totally cool. Wheel of Fortune! My Mom & Gram too! hahaha I think everybody's mom & gram watched that one! LOL How wonderful it gives you such a great memory & the kids learning their letters that's cool! Wow! Your hubby looks very nice in a beard. He should do that again! Very distinguished I'd say. What a lovely "Our Song" for the two of you too! Some day you'll have to tell me the story of how you two met! Great Job Michelle! Thanks for sharing such fond memories!

  6. That story about your guys' song is just so sweet it brought a tear to my eye ^.^ I'm a sucker for romance!

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us all. I quite enjoyed them, especially your wheel of fortune one (my mom and I watch that nearly every night together, too).

    Have a musical week!

  7. Cool selection of songs this week . Listening to the theme song of Wheel of fortune really brings back lots of memories. The show has been running for ages!!

  8. That is wonderful that you have such precious memories with your family.

    And I definitely get and agree with the wheel of fortune video!! I watch it sometimes when the tv is on.

    And you and your love is just awwwwwww!
    I love that you both have your song!

    Thanks for sharing your memories Michelle.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  9. OMG how sweet! And so romantic - magic indeed! That puts a big smile on my face. I enjoyed your post Naila. Thanks a lot.

  10. Love the post this week and the photos we used to get Wheel Of Fortune here it was fun.

    Could It Be Magic was one of his classics, he was recently on TV here in the UK I was astonished the way he looks now no make that shocked LOL.

    Have a tunetasticly magic week ;-) I'm a bit late this week eeeek!


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