Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx Book Review and Giveaway

As a lover of all things history, one of my favorite genres to read is historical fiction books. So, it was pure excitement when I got the opportunity to review the book The Hidden Chamber In The Great Sphinx by Linda Cadose.

This book peaked my interest right away as I truly find anything Egyptian dealing with pyramids, pharaohs and especially the Sphinx quite fascinating. Linda Cadose has all of that in the pages of this book along with factual information for the reader.

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The book follows archaeologist Dr. Cliff Post and his friend, Dr. Abdul Saad who discover a hidden chamber in the Great Sphinx. The right paw is opened to find much more than originally could be imagined and leads them to an even greater discovery. Many organizations get involved including the United Nations and The Museum of Antiquities of Egypt. Each organization has its own part in the discovery and gives  its own account to what exactly was discovered in factual detail.

The plot is written in such a way that the reader learns information about not only the Great Sphinx but also about Egypt, its mysteries, and the study of archaeology. Twisted among the pages is an endearing love story between Dr. Post and his next door neighbor. Also, there lies deception and intrigue.

Linda Cadose writes a good tale but I do think the factual information over ran her story line. I was also surprised that some references in the book would be over the heads of young readers as they would have no frame of reference. Overall though, this book is obviously directed to the child who would love to read about Egypt and the historical nature of it and I am positive they would love it!

This book is recommended for the 9-15 year old reader. I personally would recommend it for the young pre-teen to young teen because some words in the book would be a bit difficult for the younger child.
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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest and open opinion.


  1. Little man made me enter this because he say Egypt and Sphinx are way cool

  2. I've been fascinated ever since I saw Abbot & Costello in the Mummy, and then of course the Fifth Element! hehehehehe

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  5. What is something the fascinates you about Egypt?

    i like the mystery of what else is ther


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