Friday, January 18, 2013

Saturday Snaps 1/19/2013 (LINKY)


Welcome back to Saturday Snaps. As promised last week, I would pick a linked up'd followers photo to feature this week. The person chosen was by
This weeks featured photo is....drum roll please..
"Bridge Close to my house" by Xmas Dolly

 Congratulations! Your photo will be featured all week long on my page.

So moving on to my photos of the week.

Day 12-my painting of "Meditating on the rocks"

Day 13-turkey chili
Day 14-self explained/remembrance

Day 15-my painting of  "A Snowy Day"
Day 16-my Christmas present from a dear friend

Day 17-This is a bank that had belonged to my Dad, he used to work there

Day 18-our statue of "David" that had belonged to my parents

Mark week 3 of 52-he looks so serious

Me week 3 of 52-I look serious too!

 Don't forget to link up your photo or photos to the linky and you may be featured next week! 

 Also, come back tomorrow for Sunday Vlogging. You never know what I might vlog about! ~Naila Moon


  1. Love the paintings! And the turkey chili is making me hungry...

  2. Very nice photos & that's Fox River too by the way. I WAS PICKED WOO HOO. Don't you love that picture? My BFF forever who was also my MIL (I sure do miss her-passed in 2006 the same year as my mother) I use to say I love my river & she say, "No, no, no that's my river I was here first, but I'll share". hahaha She was the greatest. Anyway your link goes to Thursday's Post not today's. Thought I'd tell you. Did you do our advertising for today yet? I do mine at least three times a day! Okay off to pick out a washer & dryer WOO HOO

  3. Thanks for the linky! The turkey chili looks delicious! Please come link up this post here too -

    Have a marvelous weekend! :-)


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