Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday Snaps Jan. 1-5, 2013

Hey welcome to Saturday Snaps. This is the day I post my weekly photography and the weekly photo I have taken of me and of Mark aka Tamirisc.

You are welcome to link up and show me your stuff. I will pick (by a photo to feature on my blog for the full week. Bragging rights! Whoo hoo!

Jan.1 -Bridge to Sedona

Jan. 2-A Sedona Neighbor's Bike

Jan. 3-Mom's Native American Drum
Jan. 4-What I do!
Jan.5-Grandma and Grandpa's Clock

Week 1 of 52-Mark looking out across the Sedona Mountains

Week 1 of 52-Me rocking my new pink head phones (my hair looks like crap)

Hope you enjoyed this weeks photos. Link up and show me your best.
~Naila Moon

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  1. Well, I would've linked up if I would got the e-mail regarding this on Saturday. I didn't get it until Monday. So sorry I've got it on my calender now. Haven't seen you around either :( I just posted my vlog for Vlogging Workshop. If you're not going to do it let me know.


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