Friday, January 25, 2013

Blogathon Challenge-Drop and write 250

Picture this.

You are working along, doing whatever it is you are doing and someone says, “Stop!”

You respond, “What? Why?”

This someone continues on and says, “Drop everything and write at least 250 words. You are having right now, a smack down challenge.”

Now, I am thinking that is crazy speak.  I mean sheesh, I am up to my ears in stuff I know! Not to mention still cleaning up water that I have managed to pour all over my table that I am working on and have said stuff.

How in the world am I supposed to write 250 blooming words that would be…well…awesome!

So, I said to this person, “Look, I just got done doing a post but I will take that challenge and I will do it with flair.”
Of course I waved my hand in the air like I was some French poet or something.  Just picture me in the beret ok?

I then took a long hard drink of my newly fresh glass of water and plugged in my computer. After all, I needed not to pass out from dehydration and for my computer to continue working.

I looked at my blank screen and began to type what surely would be the utmost profound piece I had ever written.  People from miles away, or possibly other planets would admire my work. I would be known as “that woman of the 250 words”.

Can you see it?

Oh yes, my fingers fly across the keyboard as fireworks pop off in the air at my greatness. Children outside my apartment are waving banners in an effort to cheer me on. Music played by the local band gives a rah, rah to rally my cries.

Then, just like that…with almost 300 words, I am finished.


  1. well done! You are a good writer

  2. LOL thanks for the humor. I just so happened to be thinking of writing my post so I just stopped stalling and wrote. This was funny.

  3. Ha! This sums up the way I was feeling with this challenge!

    I think I hear the band outside my window too...

  4. Ha ha! This is such a fun post, you nailed it! Entertaining and mighty sassy! Whoo hoo!

  5. Love it! I wish I could come up with a post off the top of my head (that makes sense) like you just did. I always have to think about and mull over everything I intend to write.

    Way to go. Good luck with your blog challenge this weekend!

  6. Love it. We Girl Guide/Girl Scout leaders are good at coming up with stuff off the top of our head.

  7. Haha. Love it. It was amusing to read.

  8. This made me laugh out loud. I frequently have crowds banging on my door, "Please write another blog post! We can't live without your words!"

    I loved writing my post, mostly because it meant I got to sit and do research.

    I know, how can this be real?

    Happy Blogathoning!

  9. LOL I enjoyed your post. Happy Blogathoning to you too.

  10. That was awesome. I wish I hadn't taken to long to read everyone's challenge posts!


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