Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mondays Music Moves Me...1/28/2013

Welcome back to Monday. I actually like this day because I get to rock out with Xmas Dolly and the train crew for Mondays Music Moves Me or what we fondly call, The 4M's.

This week is a theme week and it turns out, I happened to pick it.  The theme I picked is music based on the four elements. I said that this could be loosely interpreted but still had to do with Earth, wind, fire or water.

Let's go and get some musical inspiration on.





Yes, I have a bonus too! *smiles*


  1. I love all your choices, and haven't heard many of them in quite some time. Nobody can beat Gene Kelly in all that he does. I heard that one of Michael Jackson it's such a pretty song. OMG Peter, Paul & Mary I haven't heard in forever. Earth, Wind & Fire were my favorite during the disco days. LOL I was such a party girl. Great theme there girlfriend!

  2. Loved your choice especially liked the old clip of Peter Paul and Mary

    Have a musiclicious week ;-)

  3. You really picked a great theme this week and your tunes really total rocked me out of my seat this morning. lol Thanks for getting out on the dance floor to show us what you can do on Monday's Music Moves Me, girlfriend!

  4. I totally forgot Michael Jackson's Earth Song. David Foster and Friends sang it beautifully during their concert in my city a couple of years back. Nice theme you chose.

  5. Great choices! It looks like we both picked Earth Song and Gene Kelly was a magical start to my morning thank-you!

    It was fun and I will be doing this every Monday now.

  6. I loved your choices! And Singing in the Rain makes me want to watch the movie again. Have a wonderful day, my dear,


  7. I really had fun finding music for the theme you chose, Naila! :) And I'm giggling over your last selection - the hubby suggested I use one of their songs to cover earth, wind and fire as a whole. :) Love all your choices!! :)

    Blown Away: a Tornado creates an Eternal Flame Mother Earth won’t douse with Water

  8. I so love the theme so many great songs I didnt start the fire was among my favorites
    come see what I shared at

  9. Such a great theme AND great songs! I don't know why I didn't think of "We Didn't Start the Fire" myself - it's such a great one! (And always brings me back to my high school American History class when she opened with it as an introduction to recent history.)

    Thanks for all the fun!

  10. I love all of your choices Naila. This is my fist time and I had no clue about a theme.

    I am wondering now what next week's theme will be and how I find out.

    Great picks! Happy MM! :-)

  11. singing in the rain - was so hoping I'd find it among the posts today!
    Love the Billy Joel one too.

    thanks for such a great theme!

  12. Singing in the Rain, a favorite movie of mine and of course, a great Gene Kelley, scene. Your theme was definitely a winner, it brought some fun tunes :)

  13. Great selections, Naila! I *almost* shared an Earth, Wind and Fire song just to cover (most of) the bases, but then I found all the rain songs and knew what I had to do.....

  14. Ahh yes singing in the rain!

    I love your list girl!

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