Friday, January 4, 2013

Friday blog hoppin' and Featured Followers

Friday is here and that means it is time to do some Friday blog hoppin' and of course feature one of my followers. Let me get to that first.

Friday Featured Faces

As you know, I put this on hold in December until after the new year. Here we are so, I am back again.  This week I am only featuring one of my followers.  He is a good guy and married to another blogger, Marie. He can mainly be found on Facebook so I will send you there.  Meet Dave Moody! He loves to rock, literally! Go by and tell him hello. Ask to be his friend tell him, I sent you!

Dave Moody

Friendship Friday

This week's topic for Friendship Friday is out with the old, in with the new. That is blog stuff.

In 2012 I made a ton of new blogger buddies and began giveaways. I learned some of the ropes thanks to a friend who helped me out tons! (You know who you are!!) I stayed true to myself as well by continuing to use my blog as a forum for my thoughts, writing and photography. Music rocked my world all year long! 
I also introduced everyone to my YouTube page and vlogging as well. The best thing to happen in 2012 was the birth of my Grandson. Precious is he!

As with all things though, things to do change and some blossom and grow.
2013 brings changes, growth and newness to my blog.

First, I want my blog to be a place of positive thought, tolerance and compassion.  I need this in my life and I will surround myself with people who want to make this happen for our world. If you are here, I am happy you are and want to make our world a better place.

Mondays are all about music...Mondays Music to be exact.  We have fun around that place so check it out and join in!

Tuesdays-I have already done away with 10 Thoughts Tuesday.  It is time to let the "Thinker" go but in its place, I have instituted Tuesday Topics. This is the day I will discuss a topic that is on my mind or maybe on your mind. If you have suggestions e-mail with it and if I chose the topic to discuss I will feature you. In any case, it is again a forum of what my goals for this blog will be.

Wednesday is all about Wordless(ish) Wed. photo ops. There are tons of them all over the net. I usually hook up with a few. Come by and check my photo.
Also, make sure you look for my Weighin' blog. It is the journey of becoming me. You can find that here.

Thursday is something new to my blog and pays homage to what my goal is this year...I give you Thankful Thursday and A Song with Linky. Did you check it out yesterday? Beginning next week, my Blogger Bud, Xmas Dolly is going to be co-hosting with me.

Friday is about you with Featured Faces Friday and some blog hopping too. You certainly want to come by and see if I have featured you for the week and blog hop with me and tons of others too.

Saturday is something new to my blog this year...I bring you Saturday In A Snap As you know I love photography and that I closed my strictly photo blog. Well, as I have challenged myself to take a photo a day this year this will showcase my weeks worth of photos and the photo of myself and of Mark. (also self induced photo challenges for the year). This too will be a Linky and I will choose a photo that you took to feature on my blog for the week. This will be by random org. so bring on your best.

Finally, Sunday will featured football! Just kidding...just making sure you are still with me. Sunday actually will feature my vlog of the week as I am going to continue my Sunday Stories that I started at Christmas. The only difference is I may use some vlog prompts from MamaKat. Please check out my YouTube and subscribe.

Interspersed in all that will be giveaways, book reviews, art stuff and simply a whole lot of fun. I guarantee! :) Come join me...won't you?

Free For All Friday/Aloha

My blogger buddy, Stacy has taken over the Aloha Friday duties due to Khalani got a bit overwhelmed. So, if you want to visit her just click on the button and link up pretty much whatever. Since I was doing Aloha, I will stick with that. Well, at least for now.

So, my question of the week is...
This year is apparently the year of the snake.  What is your sign? Do you take stock in all the zodiac sign stuff?

My answer: I am a Capricorn. Yes, that means I am a January baby.  I am not a big follower of the zodiac stuff but I do not discount it either. I happen to be many of the aspect of a Capricorn but not all.

Capricorn Traits

Practical and prudent
Ambitious and disciplined
Patient and careful
Humorous and reserved

Peace...Naila Moon


  1. Capricorns are mysterious beings who sometimes fall under the influence of Penguins.

    1. Penguins???????? Oh boy, sounds to me like you two need a long, long vacation!

  2. DO YOU HAVE A BIRTHDAY COMING>>>> HMMMMM???? LOOK AT YOU... This would take me all day to comment on. Too much stuff in one blog girlfriend and it would take a comment as long as my foot to answer this one for sure or make a comment. Maybe one at a time... aughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh HELP! IT'S ONE OF THOSE DAYS!

  3. Gemini here!!! Friday the 13th baby!!! My dad evening go a speeding ticket on the day I was born, and I was born at quarter to two in the morning.

  4. Wow you have lots of fun stuff going on here Naila!! If my horoscope says something good I seem to believe in them, but if it says something negative I think "good thing these things aren't true" lol. I do semi-believe in them but wouldn't bet my life on them.

    Thanks for linking up with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :))


  5. Wow, you have blog all nice an organized, maybe I should try that, I tend to fly by the seat of my pants and that is probably a bad thing. Vlogging, how cool is that! I do tend to get into the signs a tad bit and I am a Scorpio.

  6. Hey do you know I just got the notice of this Post today around 7:00 p.m.? I would think it would go out right after you posted it like FRIDAY???? WTF

  7. By the way people couldn't say hi to him on FB unless there friends. Tell them to go to or Thanks for the shout out! You duh best.

  8. Found you on the blog hop..... What a nice set up for a blog! I'm looking forward to reading more.... Hoping you hop by to say hi back.


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