Friday, January 25, 2013

Getting the Blog-a-thon started!


Seriously, I am just excited for all of you that are always ecstatic when it it Friday and because today is the first day of the January Blog-a-thon.

Oh yes, I have decided to embrace this opportunity and blog, blog, blog my way in to euphoria.This 72 hour blog-a-thon ends on Monday and I have big plans.

Some of the things I have in mind are: 
bbbjan1801. Update my page for February (pretty, pretty)
2. Write a blog post or two for another couple other blogs of mine (you did know I had more than one right?)
3. Update my Mom's blog
4. Pre-plan a ton of blog post
5. Write a bunch of those blog post
6. Do a fun video for this Sunday
7. Pre-plan some videos for Sunday vlogging
8. Photo shoot

This is only a few of the things I know I will be doing this weekend.  
The rules for the blog-a-thon are a bit lose but the host would like for us to at least do a set amount of hours. The more hours we do, the better our chances of winning prizes. YES, PRIZES!
There is also mini-options along the way to win more prizes that we participants can do all week.

So, having said all that, this post is my official start. Wish me luck...and off I go!!
~Naila Moon

PS. Be watching for updates all weekend. You can also find those updates on my Facebook page and from Twitter. Look for hashtag #blogathon2


  1. Good luck with your list. I just found you today and I love your design on the blog. The Butterfly is so pretty. I stopped by from the challenge but I will be a new follower. Here is my post if you would like to check it out.

  2. So what and where are these other blogs? Great start Naila its been great connecting with you!

  3. I am trying to go by and visit everyone from the blogathon! (And follow on twitter/pinterest/fb..i'm doing good except on the FB..that always takes me longer!) (i'm xxpollypocket on pinterest and twitter and nicholes.autumn.rain is my fb page)

    I hope you accomplished a lot. I didn't get as much done as i'd have liked, but...there is always next time! :)

    My post is here

    Hope to see you around and connect more with you!


Thank you for reading and dropping by. I always appreciate your comments. ~Naila Moon