Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tuesday Topics...SPAM...1/8/13

This week I want to talk with you about SPAM! No, not the kind you eat. I hate that stuff!
No, I am talking about the kind you get in your e-mail box.

For the longest time, believe it or not, I was getting very little SPAM in my inbox. Needless to say I was a happy camper. Then I did the ultimate no, no when it comes to e-mailing. I agreed to let something company I was signing up for to allow e-mail from 3rd parties. I like how they always say that they are "carefully selected".  I also like how those companies say "we will never sell your e-mail". Yeah, right!

Anyway, so now, I am inundated with the SPAM. Does this mean that I have now arrived? Well, maybe. Shouldn't we get an award or something for the amount of SPAM we get in our e-'mail inbox.

I would like the thank the SPAM Committee who chose me for this award. You like me!

Anyway, I digress.

I seriously, have most recently received some...well...interesting ones.

Trial E-Cigaretts-first of all, I do not smoke. I never have!  Secondly, what do they mean by "trial"? Do you have to give them back?

Russian Brides-in case you haven't noticed, I am already married. Um, thanks for the offer?

Mate 1-Beautiful Chicks- I have no interest in mating chicks. I have no rooms for chicks in my apartment either. I live in the city for gosh sakes. ;-0

Pizza Survey- I like pizza. Enough said, now send me one.

Mind Pay-If YOU want to pay me what's on my mind. Have at it. I could use the money!

Stay  Hard-Gain 3inches Permanently- Ummm, in case you have not noticed lately, I am a woman and missing that vital part needed.

And finally...

Daily Bambi News-Do you like Pandas?- I like them as much as the next person. Do you like them Bambi?  Also, why do I need to get updates from a deer anyway?

Yeah, I hate that stuff too!
~Naila Moon

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  1. I get those, and I win money weekly too, tons of it! But I never see a cent. Funny thing that. ;)


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