Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Blog Hoppin' and Featured Faces...1/11/2013

Whoa, hard to believe it is Friday again, not to mention almost mid-January already. Wow!
Friday is always a huge day around here so I am going to get with it.

Starting off with Featured Faces this week.

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Introducing Colette from Jamerican Spice. This gal rocks out on Mondays as one of the hosts for 4M's and the rest of the week has a load to say. Check out her site and tell her I said hello. Of course follow her please.

Friend and Follow with Stacy


Stacy has a feature every Friday where pretty much everything goes. Since I was doing Aloha Friday, that is where this gets stuck.  Question of the week: Are you a sports fan? If so, what do you watch? Who is your favorite team(s)?

My answer: I am not a huge sports fan but I do like to watch football and sometimes baseball.  I am a huge St. Louis Baseball Cardinal's fan. I really like football a ton.  My favorite teams are the Kansas City Chiefs and of course the Denver Broncos.  I am happy they are in the play offs so I will be watching them on Sunday!

Friendship Friday

This week the question is: Share some of the small steps you are taking that will help you accomplish your goals for the year.

My answer:The small steps I take is everyday to keep in mind what my goals are and strive to accomplish them. I also refer back to them at least ever couple of days or so to remember what they are. I have them in writing so that helps.

Join me tomorrow for Saturday Snaps linky party.
~Naila Moon


  1. Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!! woo hoo Are you out partying???? So sorry I haven't been out of the house all week or I would have sent you a birthday card. :( Check your e-mail too! In answer to one of your questions we don't do sports in this house. We do nothing, but ROCK & ROLL! YEAH BABY!!!

    1. My birthday is on the 12th and thanks for the card too. Rock on! LOL

  2. Gotta love my cyber sister! I'm so glad she was featured today :)

    A little birdie (a.k.a. Dolly) told me it was your birthday!?!? HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ^.^

    I hope the day was kind to you and you made the most of it!

  3. wait a minute while I catch my breath i ran all the way here a little birdie named Dolly told me it was birthday so I had to go run a few errands before coming over. First I had to get you a gift see a cute coffee mug [*]> then of course I had to get a treat the cake was to heavy to carry so I got you a candy bar instead [HERSEY] I was going to get party favors but my hands couldn't hold anything else. So here is an Irish blessing for

    May you live to be a hundred years,
    With one extra year to repent!

    1. Thank you for thinking of birthday is tomorrow. lol

  4. Aww Michelle! That's so sweet. Thank you! You have made my day dahlin'!

    I should make your day. Tis your birthday!

    If we lived close we'd have to have lunch or a night of dancing (we can dance at home :)

    Happy Birthday to you dear. Here's to long life for you!

  5. Oh and the questions

    Yes we are sports fans :) Dh LOVE football NCAA and NFL and all other sorts too.

    I do soccer with my son. I prefer soccer to American football. It's cultural.

    I cheer for the Saints, but I'm usually rooting for the underdog in any team. I just naturally lean that way :)

    Have a fabulous weekend girl and treat yourself!

  6. I'm not a huge sports fan, but I do love to watch hockey once in a while (I'm a fan of the Red Wings) and I do like to catch football sometimes, too (Seahawks). I'll be more into football again when I move back to Seattle and will be hanging out with my brother again. :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hope you're planning on celebrating all weekend long - you know that's how weekend birthdays work, right? Make sure your family treats you like a queen!!! :)

  7. Thanks for sharing such a sweet profile of Collette... she is a great lady with a unique taste in music and a beautiful family.

    BTW, I thought your b-day was tomorrow, I must have it on the wrong day in my calendar. Sorry I almost missed it... Hope it was a spectacular day with all your dreams fulfilled. HUGGLES!

    1. It is tomorrow! 1/12....Dolly is a day early!


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