Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 10...modern technology/inventors

Day 10...thankful for modern technology and those that invented it!

Do you know this guy? 

Keep reading and you will find out who he is and why everyone should be thankful for his invention.

As I mentioned in the past modern technology has been the best thing (and sometimes the worst thing) ever!  If it wasn't for Edison discovering the light bulb, we would be in the dark all the time. lol
Think of all the things electric we use.

Here is some other inventors and their technologies used today:

How about Virginia Apgar? Sound familiar to some of you Moms? She should, she invented the Apgar test for newborns and was on the ground floor for anesthesiology especially during childbirth.

There is also Elisha Graves Otis who discovered elevator brakes! Nice to know since I use an elevator practically  two-three times a week.

What about George Alcorn who invented the x-ray spectrometer?
What in the world did they do before that?

There are so many technological things that have been invented and the people behind them that I cannot begin to list them all. However, I am truly grateful for all modern technology and those people too.

By the way, did you ever figure out who the guy above was? His name is Allesandro Volta. He is the inventor of the first batteries. He is also associated with the "first" inventor of the cochlear implant. See, I told you we should be thankful for him too! 

Peace...Naila Moon

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