Thursday, November 10, 2011

Top 10...TV shows

Today being Thursday, that can only mean Top 10 hosted by the wonderful lady, Beth. Please stop by her place and say hello if you get a chance.

Today Beth asks us to post our Top 10 favorite TV shows, past or present.  It is sort of hard to narrow that down because frankly, I like a lot of shows but I will do my best. hee hee

1. MASH-I can honestly say this is a definate favorite. When I saw 
the theme this week, this was the first show I thought of. This show made you laugh and cry all at the same time.

2. Touched By An Angel-I loved everything about this show. I loved the characters, the story lines and all around message. I even at one point had the music CD for this show and the extended shows on DVD. By the way, didn't you think it weird that John Dye died so young?

3. Property Virgins-I really just like the host. She listens to her clients and genuinely cares about them. If I ever could afford to buy a house, I would ask her to be my realtor.

4. The Muppet Show/Fraggle Rock- Although this is two seperate shows, they are still Muppets and of Jim Henson genius. If you have seen my musical posts before, then you know I like just about everything Muppets!

5. Sesame Street/Mr. Rogers/Electric Company/Letter People-again, different shows but these are classic PBS children's shows. Honestly, they do not make them like they did when I was a kid and I think our children have missed out because of it.

6. NCIS-I was never a huge fan of this show until my husband got me hooked on it.  However, I do not like all the spin offs.

7. The Cosby Show-I loved watching the Huxtables have growing pains.

8. The Biggest Loser-I started following this back around Season 2.
However, this season I simply have not watched it. I guess it is because it is not the same only having Bob and not Jillian.

9. Fantasy Island-Even though I was a kid when the original was on the air. I always thought it would be fun to visit the island and have Mr. Roarke fulfill my fantasy for me. I liked the remake of the show in the 90's but I did not like how Mr. Roarke had become such a darker character.

10.  Minute to Win It/Deal or No Deal/ Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy-Once again, all these game shows are different but I do like them all. Actually, I only named just a few of the many I have watched and liked over the years.

Well, there you have it, my Top 10 for the week.
Peace...Naila Moon

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  1. I'm doing 30 days of thankfulness on Facebook. I like any little nudge towards gratefulness. This was a great list. I really loved both Mash and The Cosby Show too.


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