Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 18...beds

Day 18

This is only a bed I dream of

Today I can truly say I am thankful for a bed to sleep in. Tamirisc and I have been couch hopping this last week due to some unforseen circumstances and boy, do I miss my own bed.

However, it is even more than that.  There was a time that my children and I did not have beds to sleep in and were given brand new ones for Christmas a few years back. It was truly a wonderful gift by some caring people.

The thing is, there are many people out there today that go to sleep every night and have no place to sleep or no bed to lie their heads in.  To me, that is such a sad thing.

I am so grateful to have my bed to call my own no matter what my circumstances.

Peace...Naila Moon

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