Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day 15...LOVE

Day 15

My entire life my parents had/have hanging in their kitchen this chapter from Corinthians 13 that spoke about LOVE.  It was a first anniversary gift from my Dad to my Mom.  It was a testament to how my parents felt about each other and what was truly important to them in life. It is my favorite verse of the Bible to this day.

We tend to throw the word "love" around. We "love" this or that person we "love" this or that thing, when in truth, we really just like stuff a whole lot.  The word as it is in the Bible is a strong word and one that should not be used so lightly.  I am not pointing fingers...I have thrown it around too.

Today I am most thankful for love. I think this is a basic need that all of us need. We crave love from our parents or cargivers from the time we are born. We look for it in other people as we get older. I believe we have always had it from our Creator.

This love is the greatest of all because there is no failings in it as humans tend to do. It is perfect. Really, it is something to strive for, this LOVE.

Peace...Naila Moon

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