Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 11...Veterans

November 11th

My brother, Marcus and my Mom

I cannot go past today and not be grateful for all the veterans of years past and present who have served my country in some aspect.  I especially want to thank those closest to me. I appreciate all of you. Today especially:

My Dad (Navy), Grandpa (Army), and Uncle Dink (Army)-I miss all of you in so different ways.
Uncle Lowell (Peace Corps), Tam's Dad, Ralph (Army Air Forces) and Tam's Aunt Dorthy (Navy) -I wish I had known all of you in life. You too are missed by those that did.

Uncle Jim (Navy), Uncle Lloyd (Army), my brothers, Jason (Air Force), Marcus (Army), and Aaron (Army-currently serving)...thank you!

Again, I am thankful for all. For those who are far from home, come home safe.

Peace...Naila Moon

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