Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 20...Family (brothers and extended)

Day 20

Me and the boys and Mom in June 2011

I cannot help but be thankful for my brothers and their families.   I am truly blessed to have three wonderful brothers, sister-in-laws, and a slew of nieces and nephews.

Memories of growing up with three brothers is both fun and aggravating all at the same time. *chuckles* However, we always did things together and that is what made it so great.

I miss them so much as we are all spread out all over the country and the world but I know if I needed them, they would be there and vice versa.

Even though we came together in June for our Dad's passing, it was wonderful to be with them because we had not been together since 1987...much too long.

I am also grateful they have helped bring in to this world some really terrific kids.  I waited a long time for one of them to have kids. Each of them has their own special uniqueness about them and I do love that so much.

Some of us with Mom and Day this past Christmas 2010

Today some of us are getting together for an early Thanksgiving feast at my Mom's house. It is always noisy and chaotic but always a time to be grateful. That, I truly am.

Peace...Naila Moon

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