Thursday, November 17, 2011

Top 10...Thanksgivning Food Favs (with recipies)

Today is Thursday and that means it is Top 10 day. Beth who always host this shin-dig asks us today to post our Top 10 Thanksgiving foods we like. She said to post recipies if we want but I probably will not for most of them.  So, on to it....

1. Turkey...what would Thanksgiving be without it? My Mother usually roasts it. However, the last 3 years I cooked it because I was not home for Thanksgiving. (btw-just in case you might need help. Butterball Hotline)

2. Green bean casserole...Oh, I crave this stuff. I am the only one who makes it for our family dinners too. The more french onions on there the better.

3. Mashed potatoes and homemade one makes it better than my Mom! There is NEVER enough.

4. Broccoli and rice Aunt M. makes this stuff and it is always a favorite. Again, NEVER enough. Here is Paula Deen's Recipe for it.

5. Hot Rolls...usually we have store bought rolls that we heat in the oven.

6. Pumpkin pie and Cool whip...this is the ONLY pie I will ever eat. I actually did not start eating it until way in to my 30's. I have to have tons of Cool whip on it too.  Although my Mother has made many pies, she often buys the pies from Walmart. Yummy!
Here is Sandra Lee's Recipe for it.

7. Mom's chocolate chip cookies...I have never tasted anyone's cookies better than hers. I could eat them by the hands full! I would give you the recipe but then...well, you know the rest. lol

8. Milk...although, this might seem odd, to me it goes good with everything...especially those cookies!

9. Pink, I am not talking Pepto here. This is a conccotion that my Grandma used to make.  It really was pink and full of all sorts of good stuff which included pineapple, whipped cream, strawberry jello, cherries and ??? Only later in years did I find out it was...well, I never found out.

10. Pumpkin pudding...this is a favorite I started making back when I was teaching preschool. It is simple and easy to make and can be done with preschoolers.  Here is a recipe for it although, I usually use milk.

There you have it.
Peace...Naila Moon


  1. Great list! Every year my mom or I make what we call "green stuff." It's kind of like pink stuff, but it has pistachio pudding, pineapple, and cool whip. Love it!

  2. Yes, Jennifer, my Grandma made the "green stuff" too. I think she just adapted and put in strawberry instead of pistachio. Whatever the case, it was good!
    Thanks for coming by.
    ~Naila Moon

  3. You forgot the most important thing on Thanksgiving. Cranberries either the sauce or just plain cranberries. Can't have thanksgiving or Christmas without the Cranberries.

    Did I mention Cranberries?

  4. Great List! In my family we call those recipes (like Pink Stuff) Old Lady Salads. I love most of them although there is one with cottage cheese and orange jello that just grosses me out! :) Thanks for linking up! Hope you have a MARVELOUS Thanksgiving!


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