Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 27 & 28...Helpers and decorating

Day 27 & Day 28

I missed posting my final days of thankfulness yesterday but that is ok because yesterday and today have run together. I am so grateful for some family and some friends that helped us move out of our apartment. They lent vans, SUV's and trucks to get us moved. Everyone was so generous in the things they did for us. We have only a little left to move and another friend is coming tommorow to help us do that. Much love to all of them!

In between all of that, I have been doing my annual help my Mom get her Christmas decorating done. I have always been in charge of the outside and this year was no different EXCEPT my Dad was not here to do that with me. Dad and I always got out of Mom's way inside and it gave us a good excuse that we had to be outside. 
This year Tamirisc helped me and got the full understanding of the under taking. lol
Peace...Naila Moon

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