Tuesday, April 3, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...Spring is here!

  1.  Hello everyone and welcome back to my 10 Thoughts Tuesday. This week is my Spring thoughts addition. lol
  2. It has been incredibly nice outside. It is wonderful to be out but guess where I am? Yep, inside trying to breathe.
  3. I have been having the worse asthma breathing problems the last 3 days. My chest hurts because of the deep breathing in and out, not to mention the slight headaches.
  4. Today has been a particularly pointed day as my Grandma passed away 1 year ago today.  It seems not real that much time has already passed. Where did it go?
  5. I miss her so much. What I would give just to hear her laugh or share  candy orange slices with me.
  6. Time goes on though doesn't it?!
  7. Well, as Easter is just coming up this week, my Mom is preparing her services for the week. That means work for me and cash! lol
  8. I have mentioned I am her secretary of sorts right? She would be so lost without me!
  9. Yeah, right...illusions of grandeur right here. *points of self*
  10. I think I should have gone down to visit my Grandparents grave today and put flowers on it.  Hmm...maybe I should do that soon. I dunno.
Peace everyone....Naila Moon

  1. Have you been following my A-Z blogs here or my photo A-Z?
  2. Why not? LOL
  3. Check out the photo blog one out on Thursday for "E". The photo is adorable I think.
  4. No, it is not my granddaughter either. 
  5. Also, I just started on a site called "My Fitness Pal". If you follow my getting healthy journey, then you want to certainly sign up for that site. Amazing!
  6. Ok, I am done...I think...well...yep, I am done.  
Happy Spring Ya All!

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