Sunday, April 22, 2012

Music Moves Me...One Hit Wonders/April 23rd

It is Monday and that only means Mondays Music hosted by Xmas Dolly. I am ready to boogie so let's get on with it shall we? This week the theme is one hit wonders. All of these were to new to me.

From the 60's: (a bit of a weird song)

From the 70's:

From the 80's:

photo source:

As a side note: I just wanted to say the world will miss Dick Clark. He was an icon all his own. Some bands and singers can pay their very lively hood just because he featured them on his show, American Bandstand.  He will be missed New Year's Eve as we rocked out with the bands featured that night too. RIP Dick Clark...may you be rockin' out with the angels.

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Peace...Naila Moon


  1. Love Edie Brickell! Awww I agree it was a shame about Dick Clark passing, New years will never be the same!

  2. Those are all new to me, but quite enjoyable! It was sad about Dick Clark passing, wasn't it? Like gonebananas said, New Years will never be the same.

    What’s Up? I’m Too Sexy for Black Velvet, so call me: 867-5309 ‘cuz I Want Candy!

  3. Love this meme.
    Thanks for introducing me to new songs!

    Very nice choices.

    Happy Monday to you!

  4. Hope you had fun with the one hit wonders. I recognized a few that's for sure. Dick Clarke will me missed by millions. They say that the world is coming to an end per the Mayan Calender this December, and maybe they new Dick Clark wouldn't be here to bring in the New Year (okay, I confess I didn't think that one up it was my husband - he's such a dork sometimes LOL). Have a great week my friend. YOU ROCK!

  5. Love the tribute to Dick Clark and your fun songs for One Hit Wonders are new to me, but as I've said more than once - this is what I love so much about this meme. I just keep learning! Thanks for linking up & sharing. Bring a friend next week so we can grow this dance party to mega proportion! =D

    Love Train Presents: One Hit Wonders!

  6. Those were all new to me also. You had me cracking up on the first one.
    I completely agree with you about Dick Clark. I was so sad when I heard he died, I actually cried. It seemed like a part of all of us died. It seemed like he was going to live forever and would always be there.


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