Friday, April 6, 2012


I was thinking about the people I have known in my life and how they have affected me in one way or the other. This brought me to think about Fragrances.

There are a few fragrances that I catch a whiff of now and then that immediately reminds me of someone. I can't help but be whisked away to a time or place that reminds me of that person. Sometimes it even might remind me of a specific event.

One such fragrance is the cologne Polo.
I used to have a short-term boyfriend that was much older than me but treated me and my parents with utmost respect.  He used to wear Polo all the time but it was very subtle. I could smell it on him when I went to give him a hug. The smell was often left on my clothes so I could smell him when I went home. I always think of him when I smell Polo. I seriously, can't help it. He really was good to me but life was in a different direction for me and we parted ways.  (maybe another story, another time)

I can never smell the perfume fragrance of Chanel No. 5 and not think of my parents.  My Dad started buying this perfume probably around the time they got engaged.  For me, this perfume is synonymous with my Mother. He bought a bottle of it for her birthday and at least one to two bottles for Christmas. She never went with out until this past year when my Dad passed away.
She recently had an old empty bottle she showed me. It still smelled of the perfume. It was the first bottle he ever bought for her. I am sure she misses that as much as she does him.

There are so many other fragrances that remind me of other people but there are too many for this post. Maybe I will do a follow up post at another time.

So, has this happened to you? What kinds of fragrances remind you of people. Tell me about it.

Peace...Naila Moon



  1. Hi Naila, nice post, which got me thinking.... I loved the way my cat used to smell after a date, I boyfriend used to hug him and left his cologne on him. Happy times! ^^ sadly my kitty is gone now, but we still go back to that sometimes.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. Is the boyfriend still around? ;)
      THanks for coming by.

  2. Sweet post. I actually have my memories triggered by the strangest smells. Or sometimes I walk past a place I remember and then associate a scent with it. Like a school always smells a certain way for me, even though I'm too far from it to really smell it. :-)

  3. Chanel number 5 makes me a little sad. My dad bought my mum a bottle once, but never got to give it to her before they divorced. He kept it on a shelf for about ten years.

    1. Oh wow, he actually kept it? That is something else!

  4. Actually Polo Sports is my perfume.

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