Saturday, April 14, 2012



I am a huge movie buff. I love, love, LOVE going to the movies. I think it probably started back when I was a kid. In the small town I grew up in we had a drive-in movie theater. Sometimes my parents would take us there to see the latest movie. We would all sit on top of the car and watch the movie. It was awesome.

It was not unusual though for people (including us) to park outside the drive-in and watch movies too. The fence was low so it was easy to do. I miss going to the drive-in and all the fascinating things that often went on there. Sadly, there are very few left.

I cried after seeing his movie.

When I got to be about 10-12 years old. My Mom would let me go to the local theatre to see movies. I remember going to see Benji there. When my Mom picked me up I was boo-hooing about something that happened to him. (I was such a sensitive child.)

My first date movie

Later when we moved to where I live now, I went to movies all the time as a teen. My first date ever (I was 15 for the record) was to the movies and we saw Empire Strikes Back. My date back then paid for our movie, bought me popcorn and held my hand. He even wore a tie! *chuckles*   We continued seeing movies every week throughout our six years together.

A special favorite

A few years later, my life consisted of Disney movies on VHS. My kids loved to watch them over and over. One of our favorites was Christmas On Sesame Street. Believe it or not, we still watch this one every year at Christmas time.

Another favorite

Of course wouldn't you know, when I flew out to meet Tamirisc (my hubby) in 2008, we fell in love over the movie The Dark Knight. I know, weird but true.
An all time favorite

Today I have a vast collection of DVDs some favorites and some new. I have always liked old movies especially with Fred Astaire or Jimmy Stewart in them, so they are also in my collection as well. Tamirisc and I still go to the theatre once in awhile too. If you want to see what we have seen lately, check out the list to the left. The most recent was The Hunger Games.

Yes, I do have a love of movies and I think after all these years, it is most likely to stick with me. Don't you think?

Do you have a favorite movie(s)? Tell me about them.

~Naila Moon

PS>There is drive-in movie theatre located about an hour from here. The owners revamped it last year and will be open for business in May. I think we will be going! :)


  1. Great blog, Movies really do have an impact in our lives, whether it be something like THE GREEN LANTERN, or a movie that makes us believe in what we can do, if we go with our hearts, like WE BOUGHT A ZOO.

    Thanks for the journey of movies in your life, maybe we will go to the drive in. as long as CAT BALOU is not playing.

  2. P,S My two favorite of the STAR WARS movies were THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, and ATTACK OF THE CLONES. These were the most complex of the franchise and set up the final movies. Besides with Empire, you are left wondering how will they rescue Han Solo. As I said my two faves of the six.

  3. Too funny... I posted about movies as well. I have always loved movies... and I do not watch television - so our nice tv is only a movie machine! Favorites are based on moods, that's for sure. I, too, remember going to the movies all on my own when a small kid... taking the city bus downtown and seeing Fantastia - scary movie to see by yourself as a wee kiddo! Cool site!

  4. We probably saw a lot of the same movies. My parents would dump my brother and I off at the theater when we were young, often every weekend, and the weekly movie trend has continued for many, many years.

  5. Love, love, love the drive-in! We have one near us that opens next weekend. Can hardly wait! I think it's cute that your first date wore a tie. So respectful.... dorky, yes! But respectful and sweet!

  6. I've loved movies since I was a small child as well. Couldn't begin to name favorites though, I'd be here all day. Nice to meet you thru the a-z.


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