Monday, April 16, 2012


This is me taken by my husband, Mark aka Tamirisc

If you have not figured it out by now, my birth name is not Naila Moon. I began using the name a few years ago for a couple of reasons.

Initially, I started using the name for spiritual reasons...I suppose you could equate it to a baptism when you take on a name. At that time it was important for me to move forward spiritually and it still is.

The name also lends itself to parts of my heritage. I am part Cherokee and proud of that fact. As I never had a Cherokee naming ceremony as a child (which is supposed to be given and done by ones Grandmother), my husband chose the name "of the Grey Wolf" for me. Such that I am of the Grey Wolf clan.

Therefore, my whole name is Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf.

As some more time progressed, I began using it for my writings and photography. I suppose you could say it is now a pen name so to speak.  In fact many people only know me by this name and no other.

This is a name that honors me, part of my heritage, my spirit life, as well as my regular life all wrapped up in a nice big bow. I kind of like it that way.

What does your name mean?  Do you go by a pen name? Tell me about it.

MR/aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf


  1. Interesting history behind your name - Naila Moon!

    Betty means- chosen by God

    "Alark" has a lot of Indian history associated with it. Pretty sure its Chickasaw Indians.

    Although there are a lot of people from India with that last name.

    Naila Moon is really beautiful!


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