Thursday, April 19, 2012



Finished Girl Scout quilt ( my daughter is 2nd from right)

I will tell you right up front, I am not a sew-er. I can sew buttons on things but that is it! So, a few years ago I took on the task to help my then Girl Scout troop sew a quilt for another leader.

As daunting as this made sound, it actually wasn't. You see the troop had taken on a task months ahead of this time making and sewing 100 quilts throughout the year for people living in Appalachia areas, which for the record turned out to be 150 quilts. One more quilt for them to sew was a piece of cake.

(Hand sewing-my daughter 2nd from right)

A couple of the girls hand sewing the quilt

I asked each girl to make a panel that represented themselves and depicted an aspect they felt meant something to them throughout the year. Then with the help of another leader (there were three of us total) and another mom, the girls put together the entire quilt and finally presented it to the main leader.

The main leader with all of the girls as they present her the quilt. Obviously, she was surprised.

The quilt they made was more than just a piece of art but one of the heart. It was a thank you letter to the main leader for helping them through different task and raising their awareness of different things throughout the world.  
 It was a special day to be remembered.

~Naila Moon

PS> These same girls are now all in their 20's and have gone very different directions in their lives. I can't help to wonder if this particular year didn't impact them in a variety of ways as the things they learned took them outside of themselves. I know I too grew alongside with them.


  1. Truly an amazing trek of the spirit. I can only imagine the dedication and depth that each young woman, including Natasha put into this special quilt. Not only the 150 previous, that is true spirit and enterprise. Amazing story and as always wonderful photos to add to it.

  2. How amazing Naila. You should be very proud of yourself for taking on such a great task.

    I have never made a quilt either but would like to try it sometime.

  3. My great grandma taught me how to quilt when I was about twelve - by hand, no sewing machines. I still can't use a sewing machine, but I can make a quilt.


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