Monday, April 23, 2012


on my way to a special place

Yesterday, April 22nd, was the official Earth Day celebrations. I can honestly say I did nothing that day. Why you ask? Well, because I attempt to take care of the Earth everyday.

outside my window

I guess you could say I am a tree hugger of sorts. It seriously pains me to see trees chopped down. I am aware that sometimes it is necessary but when they are chopped down just so some one can get a good view or to open up a highway...well...that is when I shudder.

trees that had naturally fallen and cut up to help with erosion

A week or two ago, I needed a break from the craziness called life. I just needed to be in touch with Mother Nature. So, I went to a place that I have visited before. The place was bought  by two ladies who run it as an Ecozoic center. The land was formally owned my some nuns. They have hermitages, conference rooms, swimming pool and a whole lot of land right on the Big River.

trees on the Big RIver

I only stayed a day and night but I could have stayed there the entire week. Heck, I could live there! It was peaceful and no one bothered me. The trees swayed quietly in the wind as I sat along the river, read my book and communed. 
Oh, I was in heaven.   

Is there a place you love to go to just to get away? Are you a tree hugger? Do you recycle or do your part to take care of the Earth? Tell me about it.

~Naila Moon


  1. I love trees. I a board member of a community association that seems bent on cutting down most of the trees in our neighborhood. I don't think they understand the concepts of oxygen and shade and how those relate to trees. I'll keep fighting for our trees.

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    1. Yes, Arlee, I do not think many a people understand that with trees we breathe. I just don't get it!

  2. beautiful...I love trees and looking at their shapes and wondering what kind of people they might resemble...just lovely!


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