Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Thoughts Tuesday...Oct. 2, 2012

Hello folks it is time for another 10 thoughts coming your way.

1. I know I am late but hey, sometimes that is just me. 

2. I have been kinda sick today. My head hurts (a bit) and the rest of me too.
3. Halloween joke: Why didn't the skeleton not cross the road? Answer: He didn't have the guts.

4. What is Transylvania national sport?  Answer: Drac Racing

5. Sheesh, I must really be hard up for 10 thoughts today.

6. Do you happen to be a Sci-fi fan? My hubby is not a fan but a nut case.
Season 4 poster
7. Really, he is! Star Trek, Babylon 5 are his favorites.

8. Did I mention I like them too? LOL

9. I think I am going to go get my hair cut tomorrow.  I am thinking more so of visiting my best friend, Mrs. Clairol!

10. I found this from another blogger today. Admit it, it is funny!


Bonus: Don't for get to come back everyday for Halloween fun!
Until tomorrow...Naila Moon

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