Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Day 24...Landscaping and lighting

Welcome back to day 24 of the frankly ghoul-ed Halloween countdown.
Did you know that in the United States Halloween is the second most celebrated holiday next to Christmas? It's true! So of course that means lighting and landscaping.

I am here to tell you that growing up we did not do much of that for Halloween. In fact, I do not do much of that now. 

However, I know many people across the country take Halloween to the extreme. This can be attested by contest and some of the TV shows about the subject. Most Halloween stores also cater to the most serious Halloween landscaper. If one is in a pinch, they can always go to Pinterest and find all sorts of things there too.

Check out some of the most fantastic landscapes and lighting I found by just perusing around the web.

~Naila Moon

Palm Beach

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  1. The last one was hysterical I watched some of each one, but as I've said I'm not into blood & gore. Give me the old Witches & ghosts I'm cool with that. Why Charmed is my all time favorite program and I have every season on DVD. Love watching it over and over. Great job girlfriend. You really need to advertise this more. I tweet it every time I come.


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