Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 11...A Halloween Ghost Story

Welcome back to my crypt for day 11 of the Halloween countdown. Gather around my spooky friends and come close.

One of the fun traditions of Halloween is to tell good ghost stories especially around a roaring fire on a cold evening. I have told a tale or two and scared the pants off of people. Today I want to share one I wrote.

The following ghost story is one I first wrote back in 2009 and reposted on my story/poem blog page in 2010. Here it is for those who have not seen it. Remember all rights reserved. Enjoy! :)
~Naila Moon

Photo from Google Images-not my own

Night Cabin 
by MR...aka Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf
Evening fell as mystical clouds appeared.  The howl of coyotes could be heard in the distance and owls hooted to welcome the night.  The fire she had built near by raged in a blaze of glory as she hunkered by it to keep warm.

Her father had built this cabin. He even planted the trees that shaded it from the heat of the early morning sun.  However, in the glow of the moon these same trees gave such an eeriness to the place that she shivered at the sight of them.

Her aloneness at this moment was overshadowed by the sounds of crickets who called out to each other in a melodic dance.


Her ears perked and eyes darted back and forth in to the darkness of the night.  She quickly pointed her flash light in the direction of the sound. She saw nothing but the vastness of the forest. Sighing a heavy relief she gazed back at the fire.


There it was again! This time she jumped to her feet. She breathed heavily and the puffs of each breath could be seen.  She twirled around in a circle hoping her flashlight would catch where the sound had come from, but still she saw nothing.

Her skin pimpled with goose bumps, she crept closer to the fire. Maybe the glow of it would scare off what was near.  Suddenly, she felt as if she was not alone and then...

"Tag, your it!" yelled her young daughter, as she giggled and ran from her.

"Melissa Jean!" she yelled. "How many times have I told you not to scare me like that in the middle of the night. "

Melissa Jean hung her head in shame and began to sulk off back to the cabin, when all of a sudden she heard...


"Tag your it!"

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