Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Day 31...It's here! The soul.

Hello my dear Ghouls and Boils. It's here, it's here, Halloween!

Halloween was originally spelled Hallow E'en meaning the day before All Hallows Day (Nov. 1st). This was a day to celebrate the ancestors that came before us.

What happens after with pass from this plain of existence has been debated for centuries. Most agree that we all have a soul that passes on.

The soul is a curious thing. How the soul lives on is up for debate too. How we see our soul is a question of perspective.
A few years ago a curator in England wanted to see just what people thought their soul looked like and had everyone draw it in black and white. The drawings where eventually published in a book called Soul. 

I drew what I think my soul might look like. I will say this, I think depending on what state of mind we are in depends what our soul might look to us at any time.

What does your soul look like? Draw it for me. While you are doing that listen to this fantastic track...the soul in music.

Happy Halloween everyone!
~Naila Moon

PS>Join me tomorrow as I begin posting 30 days of Thankfulness. This will most likely be a hop and you are welcome to join.

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