Saturday, October 13, 2012

Day 13...Scary Movies or Oh, the Horror!

Let Me be Frank! in The Halloween Version by M R

Welcome my fiendish friends to my crypt and day 13 of the Halloween countdown.

Before I get too far ahead of myself, I want to shout out to my son whose birthday is today. He was born originally on Friday, October 13th by C-section. No, I was not superstitious at all. My son has been mostly goth his entire life. Guess what his favorite holiday is?
I am grateful to have such a terrific son!

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Moving on. Today I want to talk to you about some horror flicks. Now, believe it or not, I am not a slasher fan in the least. I know, it does not compute considering that I like Halloween so much but it is true. However, that will not stop me from sharing a few with you that I think ultimate horror fans should never miss.
First a couple of classics.

When I was a kid my Dad had an 8mm projector. Two of the movies he owned and we watched together was Swamp Thing and the Mummy. Now, I realize that these may not have been all blood and gut-wrenching films but when you are a young child, they make you scream!


Of course to me the ultimate in horror classics are Frankenstein and Dracula. 

Moving on to more recent films.

Nothing says Halloween horror films than the classic Friday the 13 films...well, at least the first one. The blood-killer, Jason chops up and shoots arrows through several unsuspecting campers and counselors. The movie made you scream and never want to go to Summer camp ever again!

The Mike Meyers character in the original Halloween movies gave new meaning to spookiness of the season. He slashed his way through corrupt teens of the day. Although not as much gore as other horror films and Halloween's subsequent sequels, the psychological effects of the movie leave the viewer hanging on to the person nearest to them for dear life.

The Shining is an adaptation psychological thriller of Stephen King's book of the same title. This film is noted as one of the top scariest movies of all time and a must see among horror flick viewers.

As I mentioned above I am not a horror film fan and I admit that I have not seen this movie in its entirety. However, by not mentioning it I would do the movie an injustice.  Also, I mention it because I do not live that far from the hotel where Stephen King stayed when he wrote the book or for that matter the TV adaptations was filmed. The hotel is reported to have ghost to this day, one of which Stephen King wrote about in his book. That is enough to scare the living day lights out of me but maybe I will see the film anyway...with all the light the middle of the day!

I have obviously only mentioned a few of the numerous horror genre films out there. If I mentioned them all, I would be here until the next century.  What is a favorite you have? Tell me about it and why it scared you or why you like it so much.

Make sure you come back Monday for a Mondays Music thriller and a beginning of another week of the Halloween countdown.

Your Crypt Keeper,
Naila Moon

PS>If you are truly interested in other horror films, I suggest the following web sites:


  1. I tweeted for you and I'll share on FB in a minute. Sorry it took so long, but I had to run to my neighbors. Love the Post. Love you adorable birthday boy/man. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! AND I was born on Friday the 13th too by the way! LOL And I don't like blood and gore. That stuff you can keep, but I do love love Boris Korloff, and Wolfman, Lon Chaney, Jr. I think his name was and you know the oldies. I think my favorite one that scared the crap out of me when I was little was Vincent Price in House on a Haunted Hill. Now go check your mail girlfriend. I sent you something!

  2. You really do love Halloween, don't you? i do not like scary movies at all, never have. I like going to haunted houses tho, if they are not very scary. I like dressing up for Halloween too.


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