Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Day 10...Halloween Nation...not your average book

Hello Boos and Ghouls welcome to my crypt and to day 10 of the Halloween count down.
Today I am going to discuss with you about a book entitled Halloween Nation by Lesley Bannatyne.

I originally found this book at our local library in the boo section. Ok, just kidding about that but I did find it there. It can also be purchased on line.

This is not your average book about the history of Halloween and blah, blah, blah. Oh no, this book does give history but it gives an in depth look into why we as a nation like Halloween so much.

The book is broken up into four parts.

Part 1 discusses the mechanics of Halloween. What is it we are really celebrating. From the traditional histories to the present and everything in between.

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Part 2 discusses those things we always associate with Halloween. She leaves no stone upturned when she discusses where ghost comes from, witches of the past and modern day, pumpkin nuttiness, and zombie obsession . She gives emphases to all of these things with personal visits and photos to the weird and not so weird. What she finds and discovers is an eye opener to the reader but she does so without a blink of her own eye.

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Part 3 of her book is dedicated to the idea of enjoying Halloween in comradery with others. She illustrates this by the community Halloween parades and zombie gatherings all over the country. Who doesn't like to dance to "Thriller" dressed as a zombie?

In this two chapter part of the book she also discusses what she calls "terrortainment" or haunted houses, ghost ships etc.  She explains we are willing to pay to be scared because we have a need to practice being scared.  I found that to be a crazy idea but really why else would we pay for something like that? In theory, it makes sense because the not real helps us prepare for the real. Then again...

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The book's final chapters end with those things that generally do not fit in to what the majority of people think of as Halloween. Here you will find those people who take Halloween to the ultimate extreme.
She includes Halloween tattoo artist and those who take part, Halloween strippers and pranksters of all kinds.

Over all, this book is a fun read especially if you want to know more than just the usual about Halloween. This book will make you laugh and shake your head in wonder. Check it out. I did! :)

Your Crypt Keeper,
Naila Moon


  1. Nice post! I've thought about buying this book myself and thanks to your post, I think that I'd really enjoy it :)

  2. I actually got this book for Christmas last year and I love it. What a great review. More people should know about this book!

  3. Oooooo I love that name Goodwill Geek LOL That's me too & in fact I was just there today. I look at the books there for my grandkids. The paperbacks are only 49 cents and hard cover $1.29. Maybe I'll look for this one there. Although I'm not an avid reader I do read certain kinds like Steven King and the Dark Tower. I have almost every one, but I'm still looking for #'s 2 & 5 (out of 7 books. It's an awesome story (not blood & gore). You've been doing a great job on these Halloween Posts of yours. Glad you're reminding me. You know me! LOL Lost my memory somewhere at least part of it. Have you seen it anywhere? I know it's around here somewhere. hehehe Later my friend totally neat I love Halloween/love holidays.

  4. Thank you for the review - we'd be thrilled if more people knew about our book! Do you do author interviews? We'd love to set one up for you with Lesley Bannatyne. Contact us and let us know!


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