Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 29..."Eerie" Halloween Music and the 4M's

Welcome back to my crypt. Today is day 29 of the Halloween countdown. We are so close aren't we? Today I am posting a double down post so to speak.

Every Monday I post for Mondays Music and today is no different. Today just happens to be the theme of Halloween Music so, just what do you think I am about to offer you? Bwa ha ha ha

First up:


This one next:

Here is yet another for your screaming pleasure:

Let's go for one more, shall we:

Come back to my crypt tomorrow for more.
Your Crypt Keeper, Naila Moon


  1. Thanks for visiting! Track two and three made me shudder :D

  2. Nina Simone's I Got a Spell On You and Frankie boy's Witchcraft are real classics - love 'em! And wait, I see you snagged the orginal Spooky, which I didn't listen to before today. ARS does a good job with it, but I MAY like the orignal version a bit better. Now isn't that the way it usually is? lol Thanks for dancing with us on 4M Halloween Theme Party

  3. Ah, love love Nina! Fabulous.
    The Cure song live sounds great too.
    never would have thought of ole blue eyes, but that was awesome!

  4. I love your choices. Happy Music Monday and Happy Halloween!

  5. Nina Simone is a classic singer. Loved her. Happy Music Monday!


  6. A lil Bluzzz - Never heard that version for sure. Already heard Spooky today, but I haven't heard it in so long I didn't mind. The next one I don't think I've ever heard before & ENDING up with ol' blue eyes was the best "Witchcraft" everybody knows that one! GOOD JOB MY FRIEND! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! IN fact great job for sharing all this Halloween info all month long. I bet the 31st ought to be a dooozy!!! hehehe

  7. P.S. I SO WANT THAT ROCK & ROLL SKELTON! HAHAHA My hubby would love that one on FB. LMAO

  8. Seriously cool Skeletor! haha.

    And Nina Simone and Frank all in one place! Wow. Very very nice!

    Rock on!

  9. Spooookyyyy LOL

    Have a great Halloween and week :-)


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