Thursday, October 4, 2012

Day 5...Halloween Charity?

Hey my Spooks! Welcome back to my crypt and day 5 of the countdown to Halloween.

Today I am going to discuss Halloween Charity.

Many of us know about trick or treating for UNICEF or at least heard about it as kids. This is the original fundraising efforts during Halloween that kids could help other kids in need. They are a worthwhile organization that is now 60 years old and has raised millions of dollars for kids.

However, do you know about other ways to express charity through Halloween?

Helping to make hospitals less scary for kids and their families.

I recently learned about the Halloween organization "Spirit" that began a program in 2006 called The Spirit of Children. The organization each year gathers enough supplies and donations to sponsor Halloween parties around the country to children in hospitals. The idea is to "make hospitals less scary." Left over money goes for other programs and needs within the hospitals.You can find out how to donate by visiting the link.

Trick or Treat for Food Allergy Banner

Another organization to consider is FAAN or Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis. This organization supports children and adults with food allergies. Not all children can have those sweets given out at Halloween. Instead why not trick or treat to help FAAN raise awareness.

There are other well known charities like the Red Cross that you can also trick or treat for.  Or I suggest the American Diabetes Association. These charities rely on donations all year long to help in emergency situations around the globe. There are certainly many others...pick one and go for it!

If you don't want your children to have all those sweets or just want to teach your children to be charitable, then why not include any of these charities as part of your Halloween fun.

Until tomorrow.
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Naila Moon


  1. What a great idea. I'll have to pass this on to my grandkids and get this workin'! Thanks for sharing. I keep forgetting, but it's on my calender now (that's how I live my life these days or I forget. I'll stop by more often - I do so love the holidays starting with Halloween! All Hallows Eve!

  2. This is really neat-o. I never heard of these and it certainly would be a great alternative to dumping the candy into either the trash or your child's tummy. Thanks for the enlightening and informative post.


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