Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Day 4... Mummy Dear

Hello and welcome back to my crypt. Today is day 4 and it is all about mummies and maybe some daddies too. *The room groans*

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We have an unbelievable fascination with mummies. There is something that intrigues us about a dead corpse wrapped only in linen or the painted mask of the ancient ones. Why is that?

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The truth is...I don't know. Maybe it is because it is making light of death. Or maybe it is because we enjoy history. Or possibly we are just fascinated with the whole mummification process. Or maybe...?
Whatever it is, it is different for different people.
I remember as a kid my parents took us to the King Tut exhibit when it appeared in Chicago. We camped out with thousands of other of our closest friends.  We piled in at opening and looked among the interesting artifacts. Yawn for me...but then, there he was in all his glory...King Tut! I was drawn to this mummy for the colors of his coffin to his tightly wrapped body.  I was hooked!

Later on in life I saw mummies in the St. Louis Art Museum...

Mummy at St. Louis Museum

Mysteries revealed through technology
photo source-One of two mummies at the CO Museum
Both times I have been intrigued beyond belief and could go see them again and again and never be bored.
So, today thinking about mummies, I decided to continue on with my craftiness and add a mummy or two to my decorations.
I found on Pinterest a cute mummy idea and went with it. The instructions can be found here.
My results were less than stellar but for the most part I am happy with it.
My mummy getting in tune with the Rolling Stones

Hanging out on the chandelier

Do you like mummies? Have you seen real ones? Tell me about it!

Until tomorrow.
Your Crypt Keeper,
Naila Moon


  1. Fun post! Mummies have always been like the c-level horror bad guys, to me. Just seem so damn slow! LOL

  2. Wow, I like your mummies you made. Also, I think mummies are an underestimated Halloween monster...

  3. This is really good girl you got to start advertising this stuff I mean as soon as you Post it you should at least tweet it a couple times a day. I just did for you & STeve Martin BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA GREAT STUFF!


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